Objective type test are become common Now a days. Different job vacancies require MCQ type test to get interview for job. For example, all government  sectors Civil Engineering jobs require to pass out from such exams. For this purpose, on this page, different type of objectives with answers are given here. I hope, you learn many things.

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  1. Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics-MCQS
  2. Building Materials-MCQS
  3. Building Construction-MCQS
  4. Concrete Technology and Designs-MCQS
  5. Construction Planning and Management-MCQS
  6. Design of Steel Structures-MCQS
  7. Estimating and Costing-MCQS
  8. Highway Engineering-MCQS
  9. Hydraulics-MCQS
  10. Hydrology-MCQS
  11. Irrigation-MCQS
  12. Railway Engineering-MCQS
  13. Reinforced Concrete Structures-MCQS
  14. Strength of Materials-MCQS
  15. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering-MCQS
  16. Surveying and Levelling-MCQS
  17. Theory of Structures-MCQS
  18. Water Supply-MCQS
  19. Deisgn of masonry constructions-MCQS
  20. DOcks and Harbours-MCQS

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