How RCC Beam is designed by ACI Code?

RCC of beam involves the calculation of beam size like width and depth and steel reinforcement. Also, we also check the deflection limit and serviceability limit.

We should have following information before design the RCC beam
* Load, Span, shear force diagram and bending moment diagram
* Concrete strength, steel strength and young modulus of steel
* Architectural depth if available.

During design we calculate the size of beam (width and depth) and steel reinforcement. After that deflection and serviceability limit checks are applied. At final step, we prepare the detailing and bar-bending schedule.

There are two methods to start the procedure
1- Assuming the size of beam and find the steel ratio
2- Assuming steel ratio and then calculate the size of beam

When we have the depth of beam, we will check it against deflection, strength and architectural depth.
After the finalization of depth of beam, we find the steel reinforcement and prepare the detailing and barbending schedule.

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